Duct tape bandages are the badass way to heal your cuts

Hey do you hate skin colored bandages . Well, if you do ther has been a new bandage envented for you . This bandage is twice as strong as the ordianry bandage . Wonder what it is made of. Well, it made of duck tape . Duck tape is said to make a you look tougher and manlier according to http://dvice.com/archives/2008/10/duct_tape_banda.php What makes this bandage so cool is that if your a construction worker or a mechanic this bandage will stay put no matter were you place it on your skin . This bandage will make you look tough , like theres duck tape on you and you decide to leave it on , or your a crazy person who thinks duck tape is good . I wouldn’t really like this bandageon me from a girls point of view ,but hey maybe a boy would like to wear this .

PS: right back and tell me if you as a girl / boy would like to wear this new type of bandage or not .




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Monkey see Monkey do

Diana Beach . This is Kenyas imitation of the florida keys . While driving on the high way you look up and see a bridge wonder what that is for . Then you see some thing on it .Well , thats just a Angolan colobus monkey. These bridges were build to save these animals from getting ran over by the cars driving below the bridge . If these animals are getting ran over they can cost there government alot of money lost . Some of these monkey aren’t smart enough and run across the street ,but sooner or later they catch up .

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Manta-shaped aquatic robot either saves lives or causes heart attacks

                        This is a machine that can really replace a life guard at a beach . When i read the tittle I thougt “Oh a robot causes heart attacks.” Well, i was wrong they were talking about a robot that come to the resue when you are drowning . All you have to do is place it in the water and it will go to the resue . The heart attack part was mentione that when your drowning and you see the robot it can really give you a fright and cause a heart attack . So as you see all they life guard out there can be replaced by this one simple robot . They are coming up with a new experitment called Seascout ocean rescue robot the diffrence i this one is that it scoops you in and has a Gps attached . The other one you have to clim onto it .

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$180,000 speakers point right at you so you don’t miss a beat

    What attracted me to this article is my compassion to hear music very loud . Well in this article there are 180,000 dollar worth on speakers .These speaker are different then other speaker because other speakers don’t usually curve and aim to the direct area you would like those sound waves to hit . Not like these speakers that can actually aim to the assigned spot ,angle , and area you would like it so send the sound waves towards.As you see these speaker are over priced speakers ,but for all you musics lovers out there who like to bump your music in your crib very loud these speakers are meant for you . Just like i think they may or can be ment for since i like to hear very loud music , but i don’t think i will get approval to very loud and expensive speakers.

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Worldchanging Interview: Sean Tanner of MAPLight.org

             Sean Tanner is a research manager at MAPLight.org . MAPLight.org was created just for people who want to information about the campaigns and votes of or for this current election happening at this very moment . They usually get there information through accurate sites fro the net . For example one of the sites they get some of there information from is Govtrack.us. They don’t only use the net for gathering data . They also re lie on the Internet for spreadingthere data and information all around the world . There information is mostly about the issues happening all around the world , bills , and other things that people would like to know about . Sean Tanner interviewed by by Micki Krimmel in June 2007 .

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World Changing Interview with Christopher Falvin

       What interested me in this article is that i have never heard of a company called World Watch Institute. I decide to continue to read on and i found out that World Watch is a place were they analyze issues . At this very moment they are focused on global warming . They believe if they find out what is causing this it will lead them to the answers of the other enviornmental issues .

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 Miss. Ramakama has been working for the Nata Clinic for approximately six years now and is now moving on Selebi Phikwe. The reason for her moving on is because while she   serving the government she must work in different fields and it is now time for her to move on. Miss. Ramakama’s staff members from the Nata Clinic wish her the best of luck at Selebi Phikwe.Selebi Phikwe. I learned that you can be a very successful person informing the community and helping others for a very long time even though your moving around allot like Miss. Ramakama. THe link is an image of Miss. Ramakama.


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Over 600 students at Sua Community Junior Secondary School received an educational talk about teenage pregnancy, Alcohol Abuse,  Domestic violence, and the rapid growth of HIV/AIDS  in their community. Thanks to Peter Martinez from California Corps volunteer another 100 student know about the risks of teen pregnancy’s and HIV. I learned that no matter were you are in the world HIV/AIDS and teen pregnancy is every where and many teens are learning about it every day.

Sua cjss health talk

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A tranquil lodge at a key intersection

                 The Nata Village tranquil Lodge was opened July 2008. The Nata Village Lodge has  24 rooms that includes  family rooms, executive rooms and single rooms. The Nata Village Lodge is currently being managed by Mr.McClellan’s and his family, but at this moment the current visitors are tourists and business travelers because of the Okavango Delt. Former Manager McClellan’s wishes that one day people from all around the world come to the Nata village to be and relax at their resort. What i think is amazing is it has a swimming pool and a wet bar for Adults.


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Nata Village Mural Project

The  Nata Village students from Sua Secondary School and Nata Primary School worked on creatinga mural that educates others  in their own community. Their Mural represented staying healthy located on A3 road. The students wish to continue there Mural paintings and educating their fellow community members. I learned that many people care about their community all around the world and have their very own message to spreed. I hope these student can continue and influence their community.


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Turns out the Nata Village has just had Internet access.The Nata village has only three locations to use the computers, send faxes, and make copies.Locations such as the Post office with 6 computer with a copy machine and fax, Wild Butchery with 4  computers and a fax machine and for public use North Gate Lodge. I had no idea that the Nata village had no Internet access. I believed that every one in the world were able to have Internet access as long as they had a computer and an Internet server.Now i know that Internet is not available every where in the world.

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5 New Vocabulary Words

eleemosynary:Of or for charity – (Mother Teresa was a eleemosynary women meaning she loved to help those in need.)

KEN– view sight (  The ken from an 80 degrees angle facing the top is not a very nice shot of the huge design.)

Taw-a large marble ( It would be very easy to knock marbles over with a tawrather than with a small average size marble. )

scion:  an heir( The scion to the Montague fortune was the one and only Romeo Montague.)

sobriquet: a nickname. ( My sobriquet name is Ming Ming , but my real name is jasmine.)

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Swanky wood projection clock goes vertical or horizontal

 Guess whats new in technology today . Ever heard of a wooden alarm clock that projects time on the wall or ceiling horizontal or vertical . This clock doesn’t just tell time it all so tells you the temperature inside the room and even the predicted temperature out side. That way you have some what of a good idea of  how cooled or hot it’ll be outside;so your dresses and prepared for the weather that waits as soon as you leave your cozy home. NOT IN STORES YET.

Swanky wood projection clock goes vertical or horizontal

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5 New VOC. Word

nescience- a lack of knowledge or awareness (Not many people lack nescience in my community.)

aegis- protection or support ( Who aegis you in your house hold.)

officious: meddlesome. ( Shaggy is a officious kid in scooby do.)

disconsolate: hopelessly sad (She was disconsolate when she got last place.)

soporific: causing sleep;(Pills are soporific stuff they cause sleep after you take the pill.)

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D-roll laptop concept rolls up into a scroll, wears like a purse

Are you tired of caring around  a big laptop girls. Well, now there is  a new invention that is a laptop , but like a purse. It also has some accessories for you like a wrist band that is actually a video camera. Yes , this LAP TOP has every thing from a place to carry your USB to a keyboard and mouse.To bad it ain’t in stores yet because i want one of these ASAP.For more info check out http://dvice.com/archives/2009/04/d-roll_laptop_c.php


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5 Vocabulary Terms from Romeo & Juliet

Prose- no rhythm(The play had no prose to it so it seemed dead to me.)

Lambic- unstressed stressed (In Romeo and Juliet there are some words that are lambic.)

Inciting moment – First bit of action or conflict that occurs(The Inciting moment in Romeo and Juliet should be when romeo and Juliet’s eyes first meet.)

Protagonist -good guy ( The protagonist in Tinker Bell is peter pan.)

Antagonist – Bad guy ( The antagonist in the Sop Opera Cuidado con el Angel is Andrea a girl that pretended to be the daughter of a wealthy family and is trying to kill there real daughter.)

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